fredag 16. august 2013

Saltvanns sprayer

Nettstedet "The Cut" har testet ut en haug med saltvannsprayer, og det var gøy å se to av våre sprayer så varmt anbefalt. Og Sea Mist fra John Masters Organic ble testens store "all around winner"! 
Her er hva de skrev om Hair resort fra Kevin Murphy og Sea mist fra John Masters Organics:

Highly Recommended
This product smells like Sun In and requires scrunching, not tousling, so I had my reservations based on the fact that both of those things (sun-in, scrunching) sound an awful lot like that summer when I thought streaks were a good idea. I followed the instructions, and when I showed up to a Taylor Swift concert, one friend actually said, "Wow, your hair looks amazing." It lasted through the concert.

All-around winner
If Martha Stewart and Laird Hamilton had a baby, it would smell like John Masters Organics Sea Mist. If that doesn't make you run to the nearest store where they carry this fancy sea-salt spray, then I don't know what will. Not only did it make my surfy tresses smell like lavender and heaven, but someone honestly asked me if a sea angel styled my hair. I didn't even have to answer because my hair did all the talking. As Martha would say: "It's a good thing."

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